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Dog Nearly Freezes To Death
By Andy Palumbo

Police in Plymouth found a dog that nearly froze to death Friday night. Police took the dog to Dr. Inayat Kathio at the Pittston Animal Hospital.

Dr. Kathio tells Newswatch 16 the dog was bleeding from the eyes and paws. His skin was cold, and the dog was having trouble breathing. The dog was warmed up and received medication. The veterinarian believes the dog will survive the ordeal.

Plymouth police are looking for the person who left the dog out in single digit temperatures while Dr. Kathio tells us it's likely the dog will be turned over to the Luzerne County SPCA for adoption after he's nursed back to health.

Dr. Kathio says this case shows how important it is to keep pets inside when it gets so brutally cold.

Plymouth Police now tell Newswatch 16 they've located the dog's owner, and they intend to cite the owner for cruelty to animals. The name of the owner has not been released. Police say they saw the dog chained outside Friday. They checked back Friday night, and when the dog was still there, they rescued him and took him to the veterinarian in Pittston.

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