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Veterinary section employs endoscopy to diagnose illnesses
Gulf News, Sept 15 2006
By Ashfaq Ahmed

Dr Kathio checking a horse at the veterinary section of Dubai Municipality. Endoscopy techniques will help veterinarians to properly diagnose illnesses of animals.

Dubai: The Veterinary Section of Dubai Municipality has become the first public centre in the UAE to use endoscopy methods in treating animals, especially horses.

Dr Inayatulla Hussain Kathio, Chief Veterinarian of Pittston Animal Hospital, Pennsylvania, US, is in Dubai to train the municipality's veterinarians.

"There have been cases when precious animals like horses are misdiagnosed for various diseases such as breathing and respiratory problems.

"The use of advanced endoscopy techniques will eliminate misdiagnoses and save many lives," Dr Kathio said.

"During the special workshop, which was attended by 15 vets, we discussed advanced techniques in diagnosis and treatment of animals with special emphasis on horses using endoscopy methods," he said.

He said the workshop focused on the application of recent advancement in endoscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases, especially in horses.

"I have been in touch with the veterinary section for the last three years as we have been working on advanced diagnosis methods for animals," said Dr Kathio said, who also runs charity veterinary hospitals in Pakistan.

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