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Doctor rescues injured and abandoned dog
Pocono Record Writer, 04-12-2008

Abandoned Jack-A-Pug ‘Montel’ is recovering after lifesaving surgery to repair his badly damaged hind leg.

An abandoned dog with devastating injuries got a second chance at life Thursday through the compassion of a Pittston veterinarian disguised as an angel.

The dog, a young male Jack-A-Pug, about 1 year old, was found in the Stroudsburg area 10 days ago. He had a displaced fracture of the left hind leg. Unfortunately, no local veterinarian was willing to treat the owner-less animal. So, for 10 agonizing days, he laid close to death, with a high fever and gangrene setting in.

With the clock ticking, animal rescue organizations Camp Papillon and Second Chance Pet Rescue got in touch with Dr. Inayatullah H. Kathio of Pittston, who, according to someone who knows him, never turns an animal down.

Dr. Inayatullah H. Kathio of Pittston, with abandoned 1-year-old Jack-A-Pug Montel before lifesaving surgery to repair a badly damaged leg.

Kathio's clinic received the dog on Thursday. The staff called him Montel.

"The dog was bleeding into his leg. He had severe muscle and nerve damage and a rupture of major blood vessels. The muscles were getting gangrene inside," Kathio said.

Montel had become septic, meaning the infection had gone into his general system.

A Jack-A-Pug is a mixed-breed dog ? a combination of Jack Russell Terrier and Pug. And although technically a mutt, they're not cheap. "A Jack-A-Pug is a specially bred and expensive dog, usually selling for between $1,200 and $1,500," Kathio said.

Montel didn't have any tags or microchip for identification. Kathio had a theory of why the injured dog was deserted. "Someone saw this $1,500 dog, looked at a $3,000 surgery and abandoned him," Kathio said.

Dr. Kathio performed surgery on Montel Thursday to put the bones together and fix the damaged muscles and blood vessels. The surgery was a success.

The dog's prognosis is good, according to Dr. Kathio. "Now it depends on how his body heals. His limb went unattended for 10 days," he said.

Kathio sounded disappointed no one would treat the injured animal. "It's a very simple operation. Any vet should be able to do it," he said.

Kathio, who grew up in Pakistan, explained why he performs these acts of charity. "I've been doing this since I was a little child. I grew up in a place where poverty was a daily thing. I could feel the pain ? I want to do something about it. I feel I am in a position to deliver. I am one of them," he said.

Kathio has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1977. He has two practices. One is a traditional veterinary practice, and the other is a low-cost clinic. "You bring in an animal and I charge $50," he said.

Why? "There are 10 to 15 million animals put to sleep in this country because of irresponsible pet owners. Most of the victims are cats. I do it to reduce unnecessary euthanasia," he said.

Trooper Michael Mulvey of the Blooming Grove state police barracks is a client of Kathio. "I don't know when he sleeps. He is a saint. One of the best persons I've ever met," Mulvey said.

Just one day after surgery, Kathio said Montel's spirits are high. "He's kissing, loving. His disposition is wonderful," he said.

What happens next is up to the public, though. "Hopefully someone will come and adopt him once he heals," Kathio said. Anyone interested in adopting Montel can contact Camp Papillon at 420-0450.

Despite his acts of kindness, Kathio spoke of his own good fortune. "I am very grateful for America. This country has everything," he said.

And the good doctor had a final wish. "If I were a millionaire, I would do this for nothing for the rest of my life."

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