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Kismet's Story

"KISMET" that's this puppy's name. It means luck in Hindi. Luck was certainly on this dog's side. LUCK that the Clearfield County SPCA has a veterinarian that comes to the shelter to treat its animals. LUCK that the SPCA was here for him.

Dr. Inayat Kathio was at the shelter for a routine visit to spayed/neuter the animals. Dr. Kathio took one look at "Kismet" and knew that an amputation was necessary due to the extent of his injuries. Dr. Kathio generously donated his services to perform this expensive surgery.

Kismet was not always so lucky. He lived the first nine months of his life tied to a dog house. He must have gotten lonely and bored because one day he got loose and went on an adventure. Unfortunately the adventure did not turn out to be very much fun because he was hit by a car. The next misfortune to befall Kismet was the fact that his owner didn't bother to take him to the veterinarian. His leg was broken and he had lost teeth in his battle with the car. He had also suffered nerve damage in his shoulder. After what Dr. Kathio believes to be about 3 months, someone called the DuBois police and filed a report on an injured dog that they believed had not received proper vet care. This was the moment that Kismet's luck changed. The police sent an officer out and they were shocked at what they found. They called the Clearfield County SPCA and an officer was dispatched. Officer Walstrom talked to the owner and informed him that the dog required vet care. He agreed to sign ownership of the dog over to the SPCA. Kismet was brought to the shelter and so began his new life. Dr. Kathio examined the dog and knew immediately that it was too late for less drastic treatment. Kismet's leg would need to be amputated. Dr. Kathio also said that he believed if the dog had received vet care at the time of the injury there was a good chance the leg could have been saved. Now you might not believe this is a lucky dog but you would be wrong. The morning after surgery this happy dog was up and bouncing around. Five wonderful families have already applied to adopt him and as soon as Dr. Kathio gives him a check up on March 23 he will go to his new home.
It is a sad fact is that it took losing a leg for this dog to get a wonderful home with a family who loves him. Our shelter is always full of wonderful dogs just like Kismet. Dogs whose lives have not started out lucky but who have gotten a second chance. They are big and little, young and not so young, but they all have one thing in common. These dogs are all looking for someone to love them, someone willing to give them that second chance, and someone they can love with that unconditional love that only an animal can give. So if Kismet's story has touched you and you are looking for a companion, please come and visit all the other dogs and cats in our shelter that are wishing they could be as lucky as Kismet. If you are unable to adopt, please consider a donation to the SPCA. Where would all the animals needing that second chance go if we were not here.

Kismet, Dr. Kathio, Diane, Tori & Jim Mattern, Karen Walstrom
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