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Laser surgery to make pet trips to vets less painful
Gulf News, Dubai 10-02-2004
By Jay B. Hilotin

Dr Kathio demonstrating new surgery techniques.
Veterinarians working at the municipality's animal hospital here would soon be able to make trips to their operating rooms less painful for sick animals. This was revealed by an official who said they will soon acquire a carbondioxide laser equipment for use in surgery on animals.

"We're in the process of acquiring one machine... that should be a good news to pet lovers in the UAE," said a vet at the Dubai Municipality Animal Hospital.

Dr. Inayat Ulla Kathio, a visiting vet from the US, said: "Laser surgery is a wonderful development. The laser seals off the nerve endings and kills germs. With a scalpel, the wound bleeds, swells up and causes pain to animals."

Dr Kathio, who made a short stop in Dubai on his way to Pakistan, also performed surgeries at the Dubai Municipality's Animal Hospital recently. He challenged vets here to learn to further "humanise" their jobs by learning to use less painful procedures.

"The laser beam can be controlled to go down to a certain depth, so the effect on the surrounding tissues is insignificant," said the Pakistani-American.

"This country is highly developed. We have some vet friends here, and I thought it's a good idea to share this new technology with them," said Dr Kathio, who averages 35 to 40 procedures a day in his US practice at three animal hospitals in Pennsylvania.

As the laser technology has become popular in recent years, pet owners now demand laser surgery, though it costs $75 more than scalpel procedures.

High-quality laser surgery equipment can cost up to $48,000 in the US. Laser helps Dr Kathio perform televised surgery on animals in the US without the grisly bleeding in his weekly show.

"CO2 laser has been used for surgery in humans (facelifting, tumour removal) for years. Vets are also using it more. When de-clawing or neutering felines, laser is less painful for the animals. As soon as the procedure is over, the animal wakes up, it can walk - no bandages or stitches."
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